Dave's Gear & Stuff

Some information regarding camera's and lenses which I have used to create my images. My camera's are a bit like me now..getting on a bit!!. There are so many new camera's on the market, I am loosing track of all the new models & technology, however my trusty old Nikon's and Fuji's are still performing well at present. Recently I have been using the new Nikon 610 & 900 Coolpix camera's and I have to say they are excellent for Birding.

All my images were taken with Nikon D200 and Fuji S3/S5 Pro camera's. For capturing my wildlife images I use Nikkor 300/400 mm and Sigma 135-400 / 500 APO lenses. Recently I have been using the Nikon 610 & 900 bridge camera for some of my bird shots. The Land and Seascapes were shot with Sigma 10-20mm wide angle and Nikkor 18-35mm ED lenses and of course my trusty Manfrotto tri & mono-pods. Hoya pro-skylights & ND graduated filters along with Hoya polarizer filters were used on the Land and Seascapes. The Black and White images were converted by using Paint Shop Pro x 8 Ultimate software. The editing and final process of images were completed using Paint Shop Pro X2 & X8. All my photographs have been edited with a tweak of curve a twist of colour & saturation a crop here and there, a crossed finger and a wink of the eye.