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A Landscape and Wildlife Photographer based in Shropshire

I have been taking photographs for many years and I am passionate about capturing vibrant colours wherever possible. My subject matter was varied and I have enjoyed most photographic challenges. However, being in the great outdoors is my favourite shooting location. There is something special about finding a great location to photograph. You will see from my images I love to photograph land and seascapes with a good cloud formation. Clouds play an important part of my pictures; there are very few shots on my site that do not have a cloud or two. My wildlife images are also very important to me and help provide some excellent photographic challenges.

I started my interest in photography at 15 years of age. My first serious camera was a Fuji STX1. I was young and wanted to be a famous glamour photographer and longed to take images like Helmut Newton and Byron Newman. Now I am chasing the light and clouds around the country for my outdoor images. In the beginning I did dabble with glamour and fashion photography. I also carried out corporate work and have undertaken commissions for the Ministry of Defence and various local newspapers and businesses. I was even brave enough to shoot several weddings. However this site is mainly to showcase the great outdoors, land, seascapes and wildlife. There is a gallery called Mix & Match which contains some of my miscellaneous shots. The digital age has helped rekindle the passion for image taking as it has become easier to collect and edit images. I still have my film cameras and I know one day I will load up my Contax with some Fujichrome if it is still available and shoot a few rolls for sentimental reasons. If you would like more information on my photography then contact me via the contact me page for more details on David Farrar Photography & Farrago Images © 2019