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A big big thank you to everyone who has taken time out to view and comment on my web site and images, it is very much appreciated.
Hi Dave
Sheridan (The Red Squirrel) looks a bit different to when I last saw him in Keeping up appearances .
A nice picture well worth the wait.
Megan & Alan.

Just had a look at you pictures from when you were in Chamonix. They're amazing. They bring back so many memories. It was great to meet you while we were there

Nice to meet you both on Holy Island. I have just looked through your Galleries and you have some stunning shots. The landscapes are fantastic you have a great eye for perspective, light and colour.
Hope to keep in touch

Hi Dave
Very much enjoyed yours and Edwina's company birding Holy Island. Must say your photographs came as a revelation - most impressive - really capture an essence of the subject.
You are still on HL as I type this - lucky things!
Take care


Hi Dave,
Just wanted to say how wonderfull all of your photo's are. Have just seen your "Love" picture you took on the Farne Islands, and it is absolutely amazing. I can't believe how good your pictures are, they are brilliant.
Can't wait to see you again soon,
Love Amy x x ? x x

Thanks for your business card the other day... just viewed your photo's and can see what a talent you have! Deb from Newport

Hi Dave
Thought i'd pop along and take a look around your site. Fantastic work! Absolutely cracking images..thanks for your kind comment / feedback via the DP Gallery too.
Keep snapping and look forward to your future uploads!
All the best - Rich

Hi Dave
We just wanted to say a big thank you for your friendship and hospitality. We had a great time on Saturday. Loved the food and your warm company. Your photograph show was amazing.
Love to you. Paul & Sheila

Couldnt help but have another look - some stunning pics on here Dave! Wow - breathtaking! Alexis x

Dave I am absoulety amazed at these pictures.I am in Awe of them. I love the way you capture light for the landscapes and the stunning wildlife pictures.. I hope you can teach me a few things so I can take a picture half as good as you. You seem a natural.


Hello Dave,
Eventually the computer seems to be working so at long last we can email you. Your photos are brilliant especially your nature, Lake district and Austrian ones (I really like those). I'm very impressed that your Puffin photo made the "2008 Year Book," and I'm really pleased with the two Puffin photos you sent me. We also can't believe how you get those brilliant shots - Amy

A great site David with some super shots

Hello David,
Finally found your site via Google - the link in your profile on DP does not seem to work.

Anyway, You have a great web portfolio here with many shots to be justly proud of. I found the accompanying notes for each picture add tremendously to understnding the image.

Kind regards, John

Hi Dave,
Love your website, displaying your hidden talents - You could give up the day job! Every credit mate, great stuff.

Hi Dave,
Fantastic website
WOW I am really impressed. The photos are excellent, I particularly like the boats.

I have finally found the time to view the excellent selection of photographs on your well presented website. I am very impressed with the scenes captured on the Vistas section which clearly demonstrate you have a skill and passion for good photography. Also I like the effects you have created with the Farrago art and the funny pic's are good too. Keep up the good work, it's truly awesome!

Dave, great collection of people, landscape and modern images.
Nice web site works quickly and does justice to your photographs.

How wicked is this! I never knew your passion for photography - its stunning. The nature pics are fantastic. It is a great site mate. What a talent to have....Well done! xx

Nice one Dave. What ya can do with a box Brownie these days is amazin. Not a thumb in the road or a head chopped off....damned impressive. Now the site's up and running, back to the widdling my boy.
Well done mate.

Hello Dave,

Well aren't you a dark horse. I love the web site. Very professional layout and the pictures are brilliant. Well done and maybe this could be the start of a new business for you as I am sure there are lots of people out there who would buy your prints.
Have a good day.

Beautifully done Dave, makes me want to go back to St. David's area. I love them all, but the poppy is spectacular. Keep them coming


It is absolutely fantastic, I didn't realise you were into your photography. Pete and I have just spent ages purusing the galleries, though Pete was quite disappointed when I said come and look at these birds!!!! My favourites are definitely the Vista's of around the lakes!! A fantastic reminder of my 3 years living there. Hope you don't mind but I forwarded the link onto a few family and friends to have a look.
Is it possible the print the photo's on canvas?

Hi Dave,
Congratulations on producing this website on which to showcase your fabulous photos. You have taken some beautiful shots. I wish I had your talent!
I'm proud to have you as my mate.

They're all very good but the vista ones are my favourite. Well done, wonderful pictures and brilliant website.

The website is looking really good - very clear and easy to navigate, very stylish too.
The wildlife photos are really impressive and the paintings you have produced from them even more so. Would definitely be interested in a couple of prints.

Your landscapes and Nature photographs are just stunning, images taken as if I were there myself seeing what you have seen. I would like to see more....I'm sure in the near future we might even see you in magazines and on billboards worldwide.

Hi Dave,
What can I say I am very impressed and honoured to be featured on your site!
Did not know you had so many hidden talents,
good luck with the venture.
Mandy and Phil.

Super Photo's very professional. I will pass the site address on to all of my contacts