My Feathered Friends

Patience is a Virtue
My interest in Ornithology started at the age of 7, my Grandfather was a keen birdwatcher and I can remember my first bird watching trip in the Shropshire countryside. He used to let me carry his WW1 binoculars and we would walk the lanes and search the hedgerows for birds. I would spend hours sitting with the binoculars with the Observers book of birds on my lap, waiting and hoping for something special to make an appearance. We used to make camps and hides at various locations in the countryside, sometimes by a stream or a mere and then camouflage them so we could view the birds and other animals without being seen. The excitement of spotting that electric blue flash of a Kingfisher or a yaffle of a Green Woodpecker was always quite magical. All through the seasons my grandfather and I would visit our usual locations to bird watch and enjoy the beauty of the countryside and its rich wildlife. So I guess this section of news and images is dedicated to my Grandfather and my Dad for introducing me to the joys of bird watching.
I think it was W.C Fields who said "never work with children or animals" well in photography in some cases the same applies, both subjects can be challenging but if you persevere you can capture some magical images. Capturing images of birds requires a certain amount of patience and in some cases luck. There have been many occasions that I have been out for the day and set the camera up and not captured one decent image. I remember one instance, I noticed a Great Spotted Woodpecker used to visit a particular tree regularly, so I thought it would be a good idea to set up my camera and wait for a visit from the woodpecker, after about 4 or 5 hours of waiting I gave up and as I was walking away from the tree, yes, you guessed it, the woodpecker flew to it’s usual perch and by the time I turned around to go back and try for a shot, it flew off again.
Patience is certainly a virtue when trying to photograph birds. The majority of my bird images were taken with a 300mm and 400mm lens and were captured from bird hides, bird reserves,wildlife sanctuarys,gardens and of course the coasts and countryside of our beautiful island.