Cloud Busting

Polarisers and Post Process
As you can see from most of my outdoor images of Land and Seascapes, clouds can play a very important part in lifting the images detail. There are very few outdoor images in my gallery that do not have some form of cloud in them. For me clouds are as essential as the lighting and colour in my images. I always use a polarizer to enhance my shots. The polarizer and neutral density filters are very useful tools in a photographer’s kit to capture sharp colour and detail. The digital darkroom can also help the image to stand out and there are many photographers who post process their shots with the numerous tools and tricks at their disposal. There are many people who do not edit their images and see post process as a type of cheating, but in my humble opinion it is down to the individual to choose how they present their images. I personally use my digital darkroom to edit my shots. All my images have been tweaked with a twist of colour, saturation and a crop here and there. I only use the basics to enhance my photographs but it is down to the individual to choose how much or how little they utilise their post process tools. Even great photographers like Ansell Adams used the dodge and burn facility in his dark room, way before the huge array of digital tools that are now available to us today. There will always be strong opinions regarding the use of post process but everyone has a different view on what they believe to be a good photograph. The image featured here was taken on the Roaches in Staffordshire. I used a polariser for this shot and then I tweaked the saturation and brightness a little to bring out the detail and colour.DF